Become An Agent - Agent Program

Our agent program offers individuals the opportunity to sell our services to their visitors while providing them with the means to convert visitors into customers. Our program involves strong and competitive commissions on converted customers and a variety of offerings to provide a variety of services and solutions to visitors.


Agent Program Overview


Individuals and businesses utilize our agent program to offer their visitors with credit card processing solutions. Credit Card Processing Solutions offers the technical support and assistance while the services are being sold by you or your business. We provide varying solutions and equipment available for you to sell to your audience in order to help you achieve residuals and manage the relationship.


Training and Resources


We provide a comprehensive training process to help you better understanding credit card processing services and solutions to better sell products and services. In addition to our training, we also offer a variety of resources and learning material to help our sales agents better prepare themselves to answer questions and provide the best solutions to customers.


Agent Benefits


As an agent of Credit Card Processing Specialists, you will enjoy the following benefits:


  • Competitive residuals earned based on the true net costs.
  • Our resource center containing information about equipment, services, and different offerings.
  • Access to our support team for questions and issues which may arise.
  • Digital application complete with signature and fast implementation to make it easy for customers to get started with their services.


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