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Credit Card Processing

Our credit card processing services help businesses accept credit card payments from physical terminals across the United States. We provide access to our fast payment processing service to help businesses accept credit cards at their locations with minimal transaction fees and affordable merchant accounts. Our payment solutions are PCI DSS compliant and backed by our 24/7 technical support.

Mobile Payments

Through the use of wireless terminals and mobile phone applications, businesses are able to accept payments from credit and debit cards from anywhere. Through the same technologies which allow for data to be communicated over a cell phone, wireless terminals and mobile applications process authorizations and handle payments on the go. Mobile applications provide simplicity and ease of use to smart phone owners.

Payment Gateways

An Authorize.Net payment gateway connected with out merchant accounts allows you to accept payments through an online interface while protecting businesses against fraudulent accounts and payments. Online account access allows for merchants to review invoices, produce visual reports, and view account statements all from an Internet connection.

QuickBooks Integration

We provide QuickBooks integration solutions to help businesses maintain their payments and invoices directly from their QuickBooks software. By providing merchants with the capability of processing payments directly from inside of QuickBooks, merchants are given the ease of use and convenience to help manage their time wisely and spend more time managing the business relationship.

Virtual Terminal

Our virtual terminal solutions provide businesses with an easy-to-use credit card processing terminal through the use of a computer connected to the Internet and the use of a USB card swipe reader. A virtual terminal provides businesses with convenience and reduced counter space being used by a dedicated terminal. Integration into your computer allows for easy tracking and access to payment options through the virtual terminal.

Check Processing

Check processing services help businesses accept checks and deposit the funds directly to their business bank account. Through the use of check scanners and conversion services, businesses can accept checks at their business or through the mail through remote deposit capture. In addition, businesses can accept check payments through the use of Electronic Check Conversion or ICL processing.

International Payments

Our international payment services help businesses accept payments from customers around, offering competitive rates for accepting payments in different currencies and utilizing the currencies in the business’ own currency. This helps customers process their payment quickly and efficiently while reducing the worries of currency and exchange rates while offering merchants peace-of-mind.

Gift and Loyalty Cards

Our gift and loyalty card services help businesses retain customer accounts and obtain repeated sales through the use of gift card marketing and offering rewards to their loyal customers. Gift cards help merchants track the rewards being offered to their customers and provide customers with a means of returning to the establishment for future products or services or to gift them to family and friends.

Software Integration

Credit Card Processing Specialists helps software developers offer their users the ability to process payments directly through the software by assisting in software integration. We help reduce the costs of offering a payment processing solution while providing revenue sharing arrangements which benefit businesses as customers sign up for our services. Our services are backed by our 24/7 technical support and assistance in software integration.

Merchant Cash Advance

Our merchant cash advance solutions help merchants expand their business and create new offerings by providing them with a cash advance backed by their current sales achievements. Credit Card Processing Specialists provides fast access to capital for businesses based on their credit card processing statements with flexible repayment and reduced risk and debt burden.

Point of Sale Equipment

Credit Card Processing Specialists offers merchants a wide variety of credit card processing and point of sale equipment to help them accept payments under various circumstances. Whether a merchant needs to accept payment at their retail store, on the go, or over the computer, we have a solution to meet their specific needs. In addition, we can also work with merchants to help them get started with their current processing equipment or find the best fit equipment for their specific needs.