Mobile Payment Processing

Often times customers need to be able to accept credit cards when they are away from the business. Some businesses work on the go and have customers they meet. We provide merchants with the capability of accepting credit card and other payments on the go from wherever they are.


Wireless Terminals


Our selection of wireless terminals help merchants accept credit card payments through the same technology which allows users to accept and make cell phone calls on the go. Processing is handled wirelessly without the need of a traditional phone line or an Internet connection. Our wireless terminals provide merchants with the same speed and security as traditional processing while providing increased flexibility.


Mobile Application


Our AppCharge mobile application provides merchants with the ability to accept credit card payments directly from a smart phone. The AppCharge application is compatible with the Apple iPhone®, iPad®, and iPod Touch® devices. In addition, the AppCharge application is available to many Android™ devices released by numerous manufacturers.


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