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Dial terminals provide merchants with the opportunity to process credit card payments through a physical terminal with the transaction occurring over a phone line. Traditional credit card equipment uses telephony technology to produce a secure connection between the merchant and the payment processor, allowing for efficient payment processing without expensive installation fees and long implementations.


Our dial terminals provide processing functionality over a phone line while allowing the phone to be used normally when not processing payments. It is recommended to have a phone line dedicated for busy merchants with frequent transactions.

Nurit 2085
A complete POS credit card processing and payment management tool in an all-in-one package for fast, hassle-free transactions.
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Omni VX 510
The Vx 510 offers the latest, most reliable advances in security to give small businesses invaluable peace of mind.
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Omni VX 570
VeriFone's Vx 570 is remarkably fast, completing Ethernet transactions in seconds - keeping your customers and your sales on the move.
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Notice: This terminal is for use with Credit Card Processing Specialist offered services and must be connected with a merchant account before being able to process transactions. The product will not be shipped out until activation has been completed.


Information for new merchants: The terminals we provide on our website are confirmed to work with our services and are pre-programmed prior to sending them off to you. If you have an existing terminal you would like to use, give us a call and we will find out whether it will work with our services or not.


Information for merchants: If you already have a merchant account, connect with us to find out about how we can reduce your rates.


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