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At Credit Card Processing Specialists, we provide flexible solutions for your bank merchant services. Our team will help you serve the needs of your business account holders with efficient, secure credit card processing as well as other payment processing solutions and merchant services.


When you sign up with Credit Card Processing Specialists, your financial institution can expect zero monthly fees, as well as no conversion or any other hidden fees. Our team will also be accessible to assist merchants directly with any of their customer service or technical needs -- 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


In most cases, merchants can continue to utilize their current terminal with our integrated payment processing solutions, but we also have a wide range of options including physical terminals, virtual terminals, and mobile credit card processing solutions.


Custom Financial Merchant Services Solutions


Our team provides extensive bank merchant services that your institution can utilize to obtain and maintain new or current business relationships. We work with your needs directly as well as the needs of merchants who you have connected to our services. Every merchant service we offer is backed up with 24/7 technical support and will incur no setup costs. With our bank merchant services, you can find more ways to connect and complement the current service you provide to your customers and members.


Whether solutions are needed for a large, thriving business or a startup, our dedicated team of specialists will find the scalable services that make for more efficient and cost-saving results. Credit Card Processing Specialists provide versatile financial merchant services including:



Our team will work one-on-one with your financial institution or the merchant directly to find solutions that streamline operations and improve the bottom line. For more information on our financial merchant services, fill out the form to the right or give our team a call at 866-470-1705.


The Advantages of Your Financial Merchant Services Account


In addition to no monthly, conversion, or hidden fees for your financial institution when you sign up with Credit Card Processing Specialists, your customers will also not have to pay any application, start-up, or conversion fees when they sign up with us, either. The benefits for your financial merchant services account continue, however.


First, our in-house marketing team will assist you in highlighting your new offerings which can lead to improved conversion rates and interest in your institution. Next, you can enjoy a variety of revenue sharing options which you can then pass along as savings to your customers, to improve employee benefits, or retain the revenue sharing options for your financial institution. Read on to learn more about what we offer here at Credit Card Processing Specialists, including bank credit card processing services.


Bank Credit Card Processing – Get the Best Available Rates


If you’re looking for credit card processing services for your financial institution, look no further. With zero setup costs, no monthly fees, and low processing rates, you can find cost-effective solutions to process credit card payments efficiently and securely. Remember, that here at Credit Card Processing Specialists, we also offer revenue sharing programs when you connect your customers to sign up for processing services with us.


We provide a wide variety of solutions for businesses both large and small. We can help any business find smart, cost-effective solutions for their payment processing needs including:


  • Physical Terminals
  • Mobile Processing Payment Processing Services
  • Payment Gateway for Online Merchants
  • Over-the-Phone Payment Processing
  • Check Processing
  • ACH Transactions
  • Debit Payment
  • Other Electronic Payments


Save time and money with payment processing that meets the latest PCI DSS compliance requirements. You and your customers can be confident in quick, secure transactions to meet the needs of customers whether in the shop or on-the-go. If any technical issues or general questions arise, we are here to offer specialized support during regular business hours and beyond – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


With our bank merchant services, you can begin accepting payments from the following major credit card brands, and enjoy the lowest, most competitive processing rates:


  • Visa®
  • MasterCard®
  • Debit
  • American Express®
  • Discover®
  • Diners Club®
  • Corporate
  • EBT


Call our team at Credit Card Processing Specialists to find out more about payment processing and other financial merchant services. Simply fill out the form to the right, or call us today at 866-470-1705.


Financial Merchant Services Meet the Needs of Today’s Business


Through our financial merchant services, our customers have the ability to offer gift cards and begin a loyalty program. Read more about each service, and find out how they strengthen relationships with current customers.


Loyalty Program – According to Nielson, the majority of people are more likely to frequent businesses that offer a loyalty program – 84% of people. That number suggests that a loyalty program is one of the smartest moves a business can make, and your financial institution can help connect local business to this powerful tool.


Loyalty programs provide multi-faceted benefits to business. The reason a loyalty program is such a great addition to a financial merchant account is because it builds customers who are loyal to the brand and are satisfied with their shopping experience. When loyalty programs are focused on rewards, for instance, the built-in shopping incentive works to help bring customers in and boost sales.


Another way that a loyalty program can help strengthen local business is by helping them become more competitive with the national chain brands. 90% of people participate in loyalty programs, according to Business Week, and when local business taps into this customer trend, sales can get another big boost.


One of the most powerful ways a loyalty program could help your business customers is through improving marketing efforts through targeted promotions. A loyalty program functions as both a way to connect to customers and a way to understand buying habits when they walk in the door. Through tracking software, your marketing team can gain deeper insight into buying trends.


Gift Cards – Gift cards can help local businesses bring in more customers -- and when a customer does come in to spend their gift card, they spend an average of 20% to 50% more. Whether the business is a locally owned restaurant or a retail shop, gift cards can provide an added boost to sales, too. Business Week found that the gift card area is often the most profitable space in any store.


When a merchant signs up to begin a loyalty program, begins offering gift cards, or begins any other merchant service with us, we back it up with strong customer support. Technical service or customer support issues are met with our dedicated team, 365 days a year. To find out more about our financial merchant services, fill out the form to the right of the page, or give our team a call at 866-470-1705.


Options in Bank Credit Card Processing Equipment


For banks or other financial institutions that would like options in payment processing, we have many flexible choices. You have your choice from a variety of physical terminals that operate over a secured Internet connection or a traditional phone line. Additionally, we offer bank credit card processing options that require no extra equipment other than your computer. Learn more about bank credit card processing and find the options that work for you and your customers.


Virtual Terminals – One of the most simple, cost-effective solutions for any business to begin accepting credit cards is through a virtual terminal. Through this option, there is no traditional terminal needed, but the transaction is completed via a web browser open to a user-friendly web interface, an Internet connection, and a USB card swipe reader connected to a computer.


Dial Terminals – A dial terminal provides a physical terminal that many businesses desire without the high-cost of installation or long implementation to get started. Processing works through a traditional phone line, and the line can continue to be used when it isn’t processing a payment.


IP-Based Terminals – For companies looking for the latest in physical terminals that have faster processing speeds, the IP-based terminal is usually the go-to choice. An IP-based terminal works over a secured Internet connection, and no phone line is required.


Wireless Terminals – A wireless terminal will provide businesses with much more mobility. Payments can be accepted on or off-site through the use of cellular technologies enabling the terminal to complete the transaction securely. Payments are processed with a physical card reader and pin-pad device without the need for an active Internet connection or dedicated phone line.


Get Started with Bank Merchant Services with Credit Card Processing Specialists


We offer versatile, scalable solutions for bank credit card processing and beyond. Offer your business customers more solutions and have the potential for profit-sharing opportunities in the process. Get in touch with our team by filling out the form to the right of the page or giving us a call at 866-470-1705.




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