Learning Center - Merchant Account Basics

Merchant accounts provide businesses with cost-effective solutions for processing payments through a contract between merchant and provider. Merchant accounts are available for a wide variety of businesses including hotels, restaurants, online ecommerce stores, and even small businesses. This allows businesses to accept credit card and other various types of payments at their place of business or online and have the funds deposited directly into their account at the end of the transaction.


The process for setting up a merchant account involves filling out an application and submitting it to us for review. We review applications to ensure businesses will benefit from and are capable of using our merchant solutions. We often times connect with customers to create a customized solution with a cost effective rate.


Once we have approved your merchant account, we will provide the equipment and the means to accept credit cards and other payment methods including the hardware and software required. Equipment is shipped out after it has been programmed by our team to connect to your merchant account. In addition, we can also work with you to program existing equipment and implement our payment solutions into your point of sale or eCommerce solutions.


We serve as your payment processor in order to transfer funds from your customers into your business bank account through a variety of payment methods. We can work with you to accept payments in both card present and card not present environments, providing varying levels of security and fraud prevention along the way. At the end of the day, payments are processed to your bank account generally within two business days from receiving the payment.


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