Virtual Terminal

Virtual terminals provide businesses with the ability to safely and securely process payments through the use of an online interface combined with a card swipe reader. Merchants can process payments from any computer with an Internet connection through the use of the ChargeEasy service.


Efficient Processing


ChargeEasy works through the use of the Internet connection in combination with the USB card swipe reader without the need of additional hardware and software. This process allows for merchants to quickly produce the means to provide payment from any type of computer with Internet. The use of USB technology means the hardware will work with the largest variety of computers. Simple implementation ensures that merchants can accept all credit cards easily and securely.




ChargeEasy allows for merchants to accept payments from Visa®, MasterCard®, Discover®, and debit cards. In addition, from a single ChargeEasy account, merchants can accept credit cards at multiple terminals by multiple users through the addition of additional swipe readers. ChargeEasy also facilitates the acceptance of phone sales through key entry.


Retail merchants looking for a fast and easy processing solution without the need of a point of sale terminal can use ChargeEasy to process their payments. To learn more about our virtual terminal service or to find the best fit payment solution for your business fill out the contact form to the right or give us a call.


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