Check Processing

Many businesses rely on check payments in order to succeed. Our check processing solutions offer various ways to receive and process check payments quickly and securely.


Electronic Check Conversion


Our electronic check conversion involves the use of point of sale equipment being used to convert the check payment from paper to an electronic check utilizing the latest in check acceptance equipment.


Remote Deposit Capture


Remote deposit capture helps businesses accept check payments through scanning and submitting check payments electronically to have payment processed for deposit automatically. This circumvents the requirement of providing the check to the financial institution.


Automated Clearing House


ACH check processing solutions allow for merchants to accept check payments when a check is unable to be physically provided. ACH processing works well for businesses which accept payments from customers on a recurring basis while also working to receive payments on a one-time basis.


Image Cash Letter


Image cash letter or ICL processing helps businesses process payments when dealing with issues of higher rates of returns from receiving checks. An ICO service allows a merchant to convert check information and customer data into a digital check which is submitted for payment through ACH.


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