Verifone 8020

The Nurit 8020 accepts payments anywhere. With its lightweight, wireless design and touch screen electronic signature capture, customers can approve transactions on the go. The Nurit 8020 features a large, backlit display and keypad, making it easy to view even in dim lighting. Credit, debit, EBT and value-added transactions are all processed quickly and conveniently. And its advanced anti-fraud features protect transactions, data and your peace of mind.


Perfect for merchants on the move, the Nurit 8020 is ideal for a variety of businesses—restaurants, taxi services, sports vendors—anyone in need of portable payments. The wireless design lets you take payment directly to consumer and eliminates the need for customers’ cards to change hands. It allows you to tailor solutions to your individual needs, giving you the flexibility of accepting payment anytime, anywhere.



  • Touch screen and stylus support electronic signature capture which reduces paper waste
  • Drop-down, on-screen menus and forms simplify use and minimize errors
  • Flexible wireless options including GSM/GPRS and Wi-Fi
  • Supports a long list of accessories, including docking stations and external modems with landline communication options
  • Bi-directional magnetic-stripe reader, smart card reader, built-in PIN pad and integrated high-speed thermal printer deliver maximum convenience
  • High-speed processor expedites transactions and ample memory supports multiple applications
  • PCI PED approved PIN pad ensures compliance with the most stringent security standards
  • Quickly rechargeable batteries allow you to process longer




Notice: This terminal is for use with Credit Card Processing Specialist offered services and must be connected with a merchant account before being able to process transactions. The product will not be shipped out until activation has been completed.


Information for new merchants: The terminals we provide on our website are confirmed to work with our services and are pre-programmed prior to sending them off to you. If you have an existing terminal you would like to use, give us a call and we will find out whether it will work with our services or not.


Information for merchants: If you already have a merchant account, connect with us to find out about how we can reduce your rates.


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